Come together fellow runners, help to protect our planet’s oceans and grounds against plastic pollution.

Why should we as runners engage ourselves in this?

  • Have you ever found yourself enjoying the sight and feeling of the nature, the sea, lakes, birds, animals etc. along your route?  Most runners appreciate being in the the nature. We are a part of the nature ourselves, and we totally depend on it.
  • Become a World Wide Runner environmental member – “Enviromember” – and you will contribute to the international efforts for prevention against plastic pollution and for ongoing and planned cleaning projects.
To become a member:
  • Donate a minimum amount of 3 dollars per year.
  • The membership will have to be renewed every year, and it’s of course up to you if you want to continue or not.
  • All of the donated money, minus 4%, will go to highly recocnised international organisations and projects that are working constructively to solve the ocean plastic problem.
  • The minus 4% is to cover our administration costs.
  • As an Enviromember and contributor, you will receive exclusive environmental newsletters minimum once per month.

Step 1: Donate *Min 3,00 USD*

Step 2: After donating you will get a form, fill your name and email and click send.

You are now a member!

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