Weight reduction? – Think Holistic!

Think holistic and positive

If you want a lasting weight reduction, you need to have a holistic and positive approach. By this I mean that you have to think about nutrition, physical activity and also mentality. Your head needs to be with you, inclusding ideas, thoughts and feelings about food, body and weight.

First of all, and for a start, find out what kind of negative ways of thinking and memories that dominates your behaviour. Then, change these negative ways of thinking into positive. This may sound very challenging, but is very beneficial when you are able to do it.

For example, repeat these positive sentences/expressions for yourself every day:

• I eat what I need
• I am comfortable with and respect my body
• Physical activity and right type of food give me pleasure and surplus
• I eat with a good conscience
• I enjoy my own company
• I enjoy having a balanced and healthy food intake

Hand by hand

Your thoughts have to go ‘”hand by hand” with you physical activity. When you get a subconscious acceptance of your own body and weight, it will be easier to balance nutrition and intake of food. Food plans may be useful for some. This can make it easier to have overview.

Metabolism – how does it work?

Basic knowledge about nutrition and physical processes connected to it, is very useful. Metabolism (“burning”/turnover of energy) during rest will normally cover 75% of the total turnover of energy during a day.

If you are physically active, you will not only use extra energy and get a high turnover during you activity. The turnover will also increase when you are in resting condition. This increase in turnover is “for free”, and may be just as important as the result of the physical excercise itself.

Weight reduction without training?

If you want weight reduction, but choose to not train or be physically active as a part of this, be aware that the energy turnover actually will decrease. In addition to this, the body will reduce its muscle mass in order to save energy. This is an unfortunate combination. There will be no or very little effect of your efforts by doing it this way. Further, you will very easily gain weight after having done this. Numerous studies have shown that people who shall have a sustainale weight reduction, achieve this by a combination of changing eating habits and nutrition, and being physically active every day.

Be aware of the dangers

Be aware that weight reduction and being on a diet may be damaging to you health, if it is overdone, or not done correctly. Eating disorders may become a “side effect” of a dieting process. Therefore, be careful and consult professionals that can assist you safely through such a process. Remember that YOU shall live in your body the rest of your life. Take care of it!

Read more about weight reduction, metabolism, eating disorders and mental aspects here:

Author: Ingrid Kristiansen

(Source: “Sprek hele livet” by Ingrid and Arve Kristiansen)

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