The natural law of moderation

LRP: Load – Rest – Progression

It is important to have some understanding of what happens in our bodies when we are physically active at different levels, if we shall be able to improve in  a systematic way. At least if you have the ambition to improve your results and want to achieve your goals in an optimal way. Then you need to have and understanding  of “The natural law of moderation”.

We will describe the basic building blocks of physical exercise;

We call this LRP.

“Load” is work or physical activity that tear down body parts such as muscles, organs and the circulating system (heart and lungs). The load of work is also called the catabolic phase. This is actually a break down process due to the stress the load puts on the body.

“Rest”, or restitution, is also called the anabolic phase.This is a build up process to repair and maintain all wear and tear from the catabolic (load) phase. In addition to the build up, the body is overcompensating, it makes sure to get a bit stronger than before the latest load or work.

“Progression” in the training or work is necessary to get an even overload over time. A progression in the overload gives a progression in the overcompensation – with improvement as the result. The Progression is not as important for a recreational jogger who wants to keep fit, but is very important for an athlete who continuously works for better results and improvements.

The understanding of the LRP principle and how it works, is the core of all training intended to create improvement over time, because the body has the ability to adjust and adapt. However, to do this in the right way, we need even more knowledge, because if it is done the wrong way, the result may not be as intended. Specifically, if the load is overdone. Then the load becomes “Overload” instead. The result will then be degradation instead of progress and improvement. The same will happen if “Load” stops. Then we will loose strengt and capacity. Training is sadly enough reversible…..

The natural law of moderation

An important principle that reflects what we described above is what we call “The natural law of moderation”. To explain it in a simple way; there is an optimal load you can put on yourself. Load below this will lead to less progression. Load above this is the same as exaggeration, and will lead to overstress of your body and systems, and you will get less reward for the extra effort, and you may even cause damage and injuries to yourself.  The final result of your exaggeration will be the total opposite of what was the intention with the training, you lose fitness and your wellness.  Then you need to moderate your load, if you want to get back to the improvement stage. All these effects are caused by the body, who is doing everything it can to protect your life and health. This is a natural law – “The natural law of moderation” –  which is reflected in the figure we have chosen to illustrate this article.

So, to find the way for YOU, you need to understand the LRP principle, and to find what is the correct load for YOU, how much rest YOU need, and how much progression of the load that YOUR body can take.

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Authors: Ingrid and Arve Kristiansen

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