Signals of being overloaded by training

Ok to fail

Why can you get overloaded by training?

Overload caused by training may be the result of several weeks or months of too much and/or too hard training. This can affect you both physically and mentally. But even so, it can be difficult to interprete the physical and mental signals that the body gives you. If you for example get restless and uncomfortable when not training, this can be a signal of overload.

I have experienced this several times during my career as a top athlete, and it is quite normal. It is however a big advantage if you are able to detect the signals very early, and if you also act upon them very early. If you get a “knock-out” due to overtraining, it can take a long time to recover.

Some physical signs of being overtrained:

  1. Lack of progress, even if you intensify the training.
  2. Your resting pulse increases.
  3. More frequent minor injuries.
  4. Abstinence/withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness and feeling of unrest, if you skip training one day.
  5. Getting quickly sick (weakened immune system).
  6. Tired in general, feeling exhausted.
  7. Bad sleep

Some mental indicators of being overtrained:

  1. Training has become too dominating in your life.
  2. You train even if you are sick.
  3. You get in bad mood if you are stopped from training.
  4. You train more and more and never get satisfied.

Author: Ingrid Kristiansen

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