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Ingrid Kristiansen

Running Instructor and Personal Trainer

Hege Erichsen


Marte Kristiansen

Health & Lifestyle Expert and Personal Trainer

Thor Øvergaard

Training Instructor

Gjermund Sørstad

Active ultra runner

Arve Kristiansen

Personal trainer

Bjørn Ross

Founder and Editor of World Wide Runner

Ingrid Kristiansen

Ingrid has been a professional runner for many years. She is the only person in the world, male or female, who concurrently has had the world records for 5,000m track, 10,000 m track, 15 km street, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon.

She has also been more diversified than any other runner in the world, by having IAAF world championships for both track, street and cross-country running.

Ingrid has won many of the most prestigious international marathon races around the world, such as Stockholm (3 times), Houston (2 times), London (4 times), Boston (2 times), New York (1 time) og Chicago (1 time).

She was also a member of the Norwegian cross country skiing national team from 1975 to 1979. In this period she participated in the Innspruck 1976 Olympic Games and in the World Championship in Lahti in 1978. She won a number of Norwegian cross country skiing championships (8 gold medals in relay) and 25 Norwegian running championships, besides a number of honourships from authorities and miscellaneous organisations.  This she combined with studies, work and a normal family life with children. By this, she is a spokeswoman and living example of the approach to a holistic lifestyle for personal diversity and growth.

Ingrid is educated as a biotechnical engineer.


Marathon: 2.21.06
1/2 Marathon: 1.06.40
10000m: 30.13.
1500m: 4.05
3000m: 8.34
5000m: 14.37

Link to Ingrid’s homepage: http://www.ingridkristiansen.com (In Norwegian language only)

Arve Kristiansen

Arve has been actively training since he was a teenager. It started with running. During his studies in Trondheim, Norway, he met Ingrid, who later became his wife. In addition to running, he was active with cross country skiing, and participated in a local ski club’s internal championship as a guest competitor, which he was allowed to since Ingrid was a member of the club.  He actually won this championship.

The last 10-15 years he has also been active within rowing, kayak paddling, bicycling, nordic walking and snowshoe walking.

He has been and still is a personal trainer,  giving lectures and performing training  sessions for individuals and groups in running, cross country skiing, nordic walking and snowshoe walking.

Arve has a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from NTH, Trondheim Norway, a MBA from Regis University, Denver USA, and is also a Business Economist from BI, Oslo Norway



800m: 2,00 min
1500m: 4.07min
10 km: 31-32 min
1/2 Marathon 1t 10min
Marathon 2t 34 min

Hege Erichsen 

Hege is a physiotherapist specialised in running and sports, and owns and manages a physiotherapist clinic – Løp og Idrettsklikken – in Asker, Norway.

Her competence includes diagnosis and analysis of the load pattern in the lower legs,  running pattern analysis and muscular and skeletal ultrasound analysis .

She is also professionally responsible for the SuperSole concept in Norway, and educates Norwegian and Swedish physiotherapists in this concept. She has been a physiotherapist  for sport teams within football and cross country skiing on a high level.

Link to: Løp og Idrettsklikken (in Norwegian language only)

Marte Kristiansen

Marte has a Master Degree in public health science, life style and life style changes, and a Bachelor Degree within physical activities as a part of public health.

She has also completed a one year college study within food, nutrition and health.

Marte is certified as an instructor and trainer for the following sports activities:
– Nordic Walking
– Bungypump
– Running

Marte has a strong commitment towards helping people, and to assist others in reaching their personal life style objectives, whether the objectives are small or large, and is running her own business within personal coaching.

Marte has been working as a trainer for children, instructor for nordic walking and as an instructor and guide for running, and has also worked with bungytraining. She has a special interest and competence within mental training and the “power of mind”, in particular related to life style change processes.


Gjermund Sørstad

Gjermund is an active ultra runner on a high level, nationally in Norway as well as  internationally.

When growing up, he was active within football (soccer) and ski jumping. At that time he was not interested in running. When being diagnosed with migrene as a teenager, he needed medication that made cardio training very heavy for him, so he had to quit sports for a while. After getting new medicines, he started over again with football. To be able to increase his general physical condition and capacity in order to complete football matches, he started running.   After having done this for a while, including completing a half marathon and a 10 km, he entered a local track & field sports club at the age of 18, and stopped playing football actively. The club provided a good training environment for him, and after two years of training with the club, he cut  his half marathon time with 15 min and made his debut in marathon.

At the age of 23 he run the marathon at 2.39, and a couple of years later he made his debut in a 100 km race. An ultra runner was born. However, it took 3 more years before he seriously entered into the ranks of the ultra runners.  For several years he was very diverse in his approach to training. He participated in triathlon, set a world record on marathon on a rowing machine (!),  competed in cross country skiing and was also active on the bicycle for a while.

In 2007 he went deeper into marathon and ultra running, increased his mileage significantly, invested in a treadmill at home, and it didn’t take long time before the results improved significantly.

Some selected results:

– Winner of St.Olav Ultra 2008 (National competition between Norway an Sweden)
– Winner of St. Olav Ultra 2010.
– Winner of Espoo 24 hours in Finland in 2010.
– Norwegian and Nordic record in 12 hours. 147,9 km (2011).
– Winner in Karlstad, Sweden, 6 hours indoor, 2011. 84995 meters (Norwegian indoor record for 6 hours)
– Number 11 in the World Championship and number 9 in  the European Championship in 24 hours run in Katowice, Poland 2012.
– Honoured as the Ultra Runner of the Year in Norway in 2010 and 2011.

Gjermund is educated as a child welfare officer and works as a local community consultant for children and youth, besides being a freelance journalist.


– 24 hours: 247.9 km
– 12 hours: 147.9 km
– 6 hours: 85.7 km
– 100 km: 7.20
– Marathon: 2.31
– Half Marathon: 1.12.21
– 10 km: 32.58

Thor Kristian Øvergaard

Thor Kristian has been active within kayak paddling, was a member of the Norwegian national team for juniors, and won several medals in the Norwegian paddling championships. He participated in the European paddling Championship in 2007. Thor Kristian has also become a motivated runner, and is improving his results from competition to competition.

He has been a trainer for children and youth in different sports, a training and running coach at a sports studio, and also the permanent substitute for Ingrid in training sessions within nordic walking, running, in addition to being responsible for paddling courses.

Thor Kristian is educated as a carpenter, which he practised for 7 years, and as a construction engineer.

He has a course within basic training management, and is certified as an instructor and trainer for the following sports activities:
– Nordic Walking
– Bungypump
– Running


Bjørn Ross

Bjørn is the founder and editor of World Wide Runner.

Bjørn has always been interested in and practised different sports activities, and “discovered” running a few years ago. During the first years of running, being a little bit too eager on progress, while still being a bit overweight, running injuries came one by one … Name the most common ones, and Bjørn have tried it. Shins plints (who hasn’t tried that?), hamstrings rupture, jumper’s knee, achilles inflammation…..

It was in the search for information about these injuries, for good training programs and for running routes when travelling, the idea of this site was born. This because  little detailed information was available without having to pay quite a lot of money as a premium member for different apps and websites, or the information was fragmented throughout different sites and apps.

Bjørn has participated in 10 km and half marathon races, but the results are not really worth mentioning here…. However, they are continuously improving, and the long term goal is 1,45 for the half marathon.

He has a Master Degree within  mechanical engineering and runs a consultancy business within project management and quality management. 

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