Happy familyNutrition is a key part of life, which has a positive influence on your body and health if you make the right choices.

We use to talk about the “circle of nutrition”, which by many is also called “the food pyramid”.   This is an outline of what kind of ingredients that should be part of your daily intake of food.

The circle/pyramid gives the basis for a healthy and varied diet. (This shall not be confused with “being on a diet”, which is something else, which we are not experts on and will not write about.)

It also gives a recommended distribution between the different energy sources:

  • carbohydrates: 60-65%
  • fat: 25-30%
  • proteines 12-15%

This is a general recommendation. It is important to adapt your intake to what kind of training you are doing and how energy intensive it is. What kind of carbohydrates and what kind of fat you eat, and in which setting you eat what, matters a lot: “quick” vs “slow” carbohydrates, saturated vs unsaturated fat etc.  We will write more details about this on other pages and in regular posts in our blog.

It is further a general recommendation to have four main meals per day, and possibly some small meals in between, if you are very active. This to make sure that the energy need is covered and distributed evenly throughout the day. The main meals will then be breakfast, lunch, dinner and an evening meal. None of these meals should be “big”, especially not the evening meal. This to avoid hard working stomach throughout the night, in a period where you are inactive.

Unless you know exactly what the food is made of, it is recommended to prepare the food from basic (“raw”) ingredients. Then you know what you put in your stomach, and you will have good control  of your energy intake. Fastfood and pre-prepared food very often contains “empty calories” from saturated fat, sugar, low-fiber carbohydrates and insufficent content of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients (tracer elements) which are esential for a healthy and varied diet.

Food heart“You become what you eat” is not just a  proverb, it is much more behind it. Food affects both your body and mind. It turns out that a varied diet that contains the ingedients given in the food circle , influences  both the body and mind in a positive direction.  The opposite happens if the food is unhealthy. Pre-prepared food and fastfood  that contain little or nothing of recommended healthy ingredients, directly affects you and gives you less energy, makes you feel “heavy”,  make you quicker feel tired  when you actually should not be tired etc. This in turn may have a negative effect on your work, studies or whatever you are doing, family relations, relations with friends etc.

So, having read this, in which direction do you prefer to go?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Author:  Marte Kristiansen


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