How to boost your motivation?

Almost everybody will sooner or later experience that the motivation for training gets low, or even disappears. Sometimes it comes gradually, because you feel that the training sessions start to become boring. It can also be because you have periods where progress is slow or absent, or because you feel that the training is taking too much time away from other areas in your life. A classic case is “autumn depression”, where the threshold for going out for training seems high. Whatever it is, it is important to be prepared when the challenge occurs.

No excuses

The most important is to stop making up excuses. All of us have felt the time squeeze, sore muscles, and other things that  easily drive us over to the sofa instead of going training. However, no excuse is good enough to actually stop caring about your health. No more “but..”! It is a matter of planning.

Everything helps

Remember to be flexible. Everything helps, meaning that all kind of activity is good and give positive health effects. Take advantage of the available time, whether it is 30 minutes or more.

Do something

Meaning, just do something. If you in a given situation don’t have force for a training session, it’s ok. The most important thing you do for your health is however to be active. Every day. Walk to work, school, the store, and be active in your daily life. Doing this can be sufficient for many to feel better and will lower the risk of getting lifestyle diseases.

Make activity and training to become habits

Having a good health and to be physically fit is not a luxury – it is a necessity in today’s modern society. This is an investment that everybody should do, whatsoever. If you think about activity and training as something necessary and important, don’t you think it might be easier if you make it to become a habit? Then it can be done automatically – like brushing the teeth.

Set goals

Motivation is the key to make it work. Set goals for yourself that will motivate you, and that are appropriate for YOU.

You don’t need much equipment

You don’t need to be member of a fitness centre to do training. Nature and/or your home area is more than enough. For many activities, including running, a good set of training/running shoes is all you need.

Be conscious

Be conscious and firm about what kind of and how much training that is realistic for you. Then, make it a habit and stick to the sessions you have decided for.

Start at your own level

Remember not to compare with others, or with results you had some years ago. Start slowly and progress gradulally. You will gain nothing from starting too hard and too often. If you do it right, you will see progress, which motivates you for further training.

Have fun

The most important of all is to have fun! Do a form of training that makes you feel good. Then it is easy to maintain the motivation.

Go – we are cheering on you!


Author: Marte Kristiansen

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