It is not so common with ankle injuries due to running. However, incidents like ankle sprains due to twisting of the ankle may occur, and more often for long distance runners, and in particular when running in the terrain on uneven surfaces. When twisting the ankle, the joint capsule and the ligaments may be injured, both on the inside and the outside of the ankle.

Pain at the inside and outside of the ankle may remain a long time after  the incident.

Without proper recovery training, the ankle may become unstable. Such insufficient stability may spread to the foot, knee, hip and the back.

Balance training and running on even surfaces  may be part of the recovery training from an early stage. If the ankle is swollen, it is important to reduce the swell by de-icing and compression. It is recommended to tape the ankle during all activity the first 6 weeks after injury, and to perform balance training 10 min every day during the 10 first weeks after the incident.

The following preventive exercises are recommended:

  • Toe lifts
  • Balance training on pillow (e.g. on an airex pillow) (This is also a key exercise during recovery, as mentioned above)

See videos below:

Anatomy of the ankle

See  a detailed description of the anatomy of the ankle at this page from TeachMeAnatomy.info:

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Author: Hege Erichsen

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