About WWR

About World Wide Runner

The WWR Team – believe that running is the simplest and most efficient type of training you can do. Running is healthy and gives a stronger heart, better blood circulation and also provides a beneficial load on the bone structure, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Last, but not least, running gives you the opportunity to relieve your mind to think freely, and gives a surplus of energy in a hectic daily life.

For the experienced runner this is nothing new, but our holistic approach and focus on the mental and physical health aspect and preventive actions might bring something of value to anyone, independent of running level and experience.  If you are a beginner, our tips may help you to take the first steps into the positive and rewarding world of running. If you are an experienced runner, even on an advanced level, you will also find useful advice on how to improve your running and achieve your goals. All this in addition to our useful databases and maps for running events and favourite running routes all over the world.

Being a “Runner” has basically nothing to do with speed or distance – it is rather the value  and spirit it brings to you personally! Read more about this on our Concept and philosophy page.

Based on your ambitions, experience and need for information, feel free to explore and go into the details via the menus and links on this page. Go to the Blog to see all posted articles in our site, with the latest appearing first. You can also search by categories on the bottom of any of the pages and posts to find what is most interesting for you.

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